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May 05, 2011

Cool Math Games: Intense Math Ninja HD - Multiplication With Ninjas for iPad

cool multiplication game math ninja
This Sounds Like An Oxymoron - Math And Ninjas Do Not Go Together

Cool Math Games - we love 'em! Math Ninja HD, is the perfect combination of ninjas and intense math -  multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition.  The ingredients mix together to form a game packed with cool math game multiplication scenarios.  (Cool Math Game Multiplication is multiplication that is incorporated into cool math games - in case you aren't keeping up with the math lingo.)

There is both a $1.99 iPad App version of this game and a free version, but unfortunately the free iPad app only has five levels. Thus, you only encounter dog bots and cat bots and have limited upgrade abilities.  This cool game includes tons of weapons upgrades, intense math, ice bots, bomb bots, and much more!  It's extremely addictive - I'm warning you.

cool multiplication game math ninja
Nifty Observation And Continued Flow Of Information

I have learned that the creator of this iPad app, Razeware, favors dogs over cats.  I can infer this from the fact that dog bots have twice as much health as cat bots.  (Weapons can be bought and upgraded in this game - Ninja Sword, Ninja Star, Fire, Smokescreen, and more.  Also, you can upgrade your tree house so it can withstand more damage.)  After fending off a wave of bots, you are required to answer some addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction questions.  (I'm sorry, but cool math game multiplication is one hundred times more awesome than cool math game addition or any other mathematical action.)  

This app incorporates three modes of difficulty - easy, medium, and ninja (intense math) - which determine how difficult the problems are and if there are time constraints.  After completing the problems quickly, you face a boss which you can only defeat using math.  Translation: answer math problems and you win.  I found this multiplication app to be extremely addictive and not a total waste of my time.  (Okay, it was a total waste of my time, but it was super fun!)

Get this cool math app at iTunes.  Version 1.3 is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

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May 04, 2011

Case And Holster Combo For iPhone 4 - WirelessGround


Hello, Y'all

I've decided to add a unique Southern Twang to all of the subtitles in this post just to make things more interesting.  Interesting Accent + Interesting Gadget + Stellar Writing Ability = AWESOME POST about the iPhone 4 case and holster combo, which is a pretty cool deal.  The "Holster" component clips firmly to your belt and has a pretty tight grip on the shell, ensuring that you won't lose your iPhone while sitting down, doing jumping jacks, or even a handstand!  (I have tried all of these things and can attest to the fact that your iPhone 4 will stay securely cradled in the strong, smooth hands of Mr. Holster.)  The shell also acts as a stand, which is pretty awesome.

How 'Bout That Case, Partner?

 The case portion of the Case/Holster Combo is relatively impressive.  The material manages to be relatively firm and is able to stray from the "that's a cheap plastic case" stereotype.  There's a space for the camera and buttons, of course, and the shell covers the back and sides of your iPhone 4.  The pull-out stand, which appears at first to be flimsy, is actually quite sturdy.  The stand snaps into place and the plastic bends if pressure is applied, and is not going to break unless you are extremely rough with it.  And even if you break it somehow, it can be snapped back into place.  (I actually managed to break mine, while testing the durability, and was able to put it back together within 45 seconds.)  The design is an all-black criss-cross pattern which is not super cool, but it's bearable.

Howdy!  Let's See That There Holster!

  My favorite thing about the holster, honestly, is the giant, red, removable sticker on the inside of the gadget.  It states, "Place phone w/shell into holster with display facing inward, toward holster."  I'm sorry, but I hope people figured that out before they read the giant notice.  Seriously.  Anyway, the holster keeps a firm grip on the shell so that you won't lose your really expensive iPhone 4.  While this gadget does tightly grasp the case, it is also not a huge burden every time you wish to remove the phone from the holster - it slides out without much trouble.  The holster has a clip on the back for "BELT COMPATIBILITY," and is pretty cool.  

Where to Get It

You can get yourself one of these sweet gadgets over at WirelessGround.  The price is regularly $29.95, but it's currently on sale at $14.95.  Nice!

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May 01, 2011

Mario Mushroom USB Lamp Is Squishy, Bright, And Lacks The Ability To Make You Giant Or Immortal

Will It Really Make Me Huge And Give Me An Extra Life?

No.  The answer to that question is indefinitely no.  What it can do, though, is light up your desk area.  The Mario Mushroom USB Lamp is almost squishy - the device sinks into its base when pressure is applied, giving the squishy effect.  This mushroom light can run on AA's as well as USB power, but only noobs would power a USB gadget with AA's.  (Hence the reason it is called a "USB gadget" and not a "AA gadget.")  No one has specifically said that this gadget is mario-themed, but what else would it be?  Some strange kind of fungus that grows in the bogs of South America?  Possible, but not likely.

If It Doesn't Have Any Physical Effect, What's The Point?

The point is that the Mushroom USB Light is one of the coolest gadgets out there, and it can look cool while it sends photons, or whatever light is scientifically, bouncing all over your workspace.  What could be cooler than a mushroom USB that shoots photons?  That's what I thought.  The Photon-shooting USB gadget is available in red and green, the other colors you see on google images are for non-USB light up mushrooms, and each gadget is $10.

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April 28, 2011

What Can Pepsi's New Touchscreen Social Vending Machines Do For You?


I Like Coke, But I Have To Give Pepsi Props For This One.  Impressive.

I have to say, I am extremely impressed with Pepsi's latest and greatest idea.  They are going to institute what are called "social vending machines," which have all kinds of cool capabilities that will "revolutionize" the way you waste money on soda.  You see, instead of wasting money on soda for yourself, you are also given the option to do a good thing and give someone else a free soda!  The possibilities that Pepsi's new Social Vending Machines have are endless, and the only problem is that there is only one in existence, and it will only be so for two days in Chicago from April 27 - 29 at the National Automatic Merchandising Association's One Show.  Then, thankfully, Pepsi will produce more of these cool gadgets.

What Can It Do?

Pepsi's new Social Vending Machines will give you the option to give your friend, or a random dude, a free Pepsi!  Just input their phone number or one of the other choices offered and they will be sent a redeemable coupon of sorts which they can use at any of these cool gadgets.  You can even record a video of yourself doing a kind thing to accompany the free drink.  Pepsi also said that in the future their Social gizmos may be able to send Pepsi's straight to another machine, which would be crazy awesome.  (Even though a can is not being physically sent through the air to another Social Vending Machine, I can use my imagination.)

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April 26, 2011

iTamTam Stool iPod Dock - Why?


 I Read About The iTamTam And I Ask Myself, "Self, Why Do I Need This?"  Self Had No Response.

Every post that I have read online about the iTamTam Stool-shaped iPod Dock has had a couple of things in common.  One, they start off with a less-than-funny joke about the stool shape or the breaking of your expensive iPod and or iPhone.  Two, they are all very short because there is not much to say about this peculiar gadget.  The iTamTam, which is French for nothing but is made in France, is basically an iPhone speaker dock that you can sit on.  This $570 gadget does not have extremely high quality sound, but you're not buying it for the sound quality - you're buying it because you can.  You're purchasing the iTamTam iPhone dock because you want to be known as the guy who was a chair that plays music.  (Honestly, I have no idea why you're buying the iTamTam unless you collect stools or something.  Really.)  This gizmo comes in over ten colors, which is nice.

Benefits?  I Can Name A Few.

The iTamTam, besides impressing your friends and playing movies out of iGadgets, (iPhone, iPod, etc.), can blast your "JAMZ" from other devices utilizing the special 3.5 input.  Also, the iTamTam comes with a remote so you don't have to stop your partying to go change the song or the volume.  This iPod Chair Speaker can also run for eight hours straight without being plugged into the wall, which is a bonus.  Cool, but not worth $570.  (Unless you're just that rich.)

April 22, 2011

Stratoaster Squier Rock Band 3 Guitar Controller - Learn How To Play The Guitar, Not Hit Colorful Buttons

Squier stratocaster rockband controller guitar
Guys!  Look!  I Can Hit Five Buttons Really Fast And In Sequence!  (Click Click Click Click)

I've watched people for years, ever since Guitar Hero first came out, think that they were really cool because they could play Through The Fire And The Flames on expert.  Now, people can, instead of wasting hours learning how to hit colorful buttons really quickly, can devote that time to something much more useful and impressive - playing the guitar.  That's right!  The Stratocaster Squier by Fender Guitar Controller has actual frets, actual strings, and is an actual guitar!  (You can play it out of an amp or use it as a game controller.)  There are sensors on each fret so RockBand 3 knows if you fail or are Angus Young, and has something called a mute pickup.  This mutes all of the strings so that the gameplay will be more accurate, but you can remove this piece when you are just playing the Stratocaster like a guitar.  

Extra Awesome Stuff.  (As In Awesome Stuff That Happens To Be Superfluous.)

The Stratocaster Squier Guitar Rockband controller comes in a black and white combination and requires 3AA's.  (The guitar will still work out of an amp with no batteries but won't work with the game.)  The gadget itself is a whopping $280, but keep in mind that the Stratocaster Fender Squier also serves as a fully functional electric guitar.  

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